Prototyping of Lab on a Chip and Surface Engineering products

In BioDTek, we focused on the development of prototypes based on Lab on a Chip technology and Surface Engineering for in and out laboratory environment.
We know that scalability matters. Therefore, we develop prototypes as convenient as possible to make their future scalability easier.


Microfabrication techniques have enabled the fabrication of microchannels and microstructures, which are the basis for the development of miniaturized analytical systems. In this sense, our work on microfluidic devices are based on up-to-date microfabrication techniques that allow us to develop products with a relevant technological output.

Surface Engineering

Surface engineering techniques, along with microfabrication techniques, can be used to implement a wide range of functional properties to the surfaces of microfluidic devices, such as patterning techniques in localized areas of a substrate for cell culturing in precise patterns. Thus, enhancing the application of Lab on a Chip devices.

Microsystem Integration

The integration of microsystems aims to provide the technology to develop analytical devices in autonomous sequences that involve sample preparation, analysis, and results. Such automation requires the combination of surface engineering approaches, flow control systems, sensors, and microfluidic architectures.


BioDTek provide customized support and solutions in Lab on a Chip and Surface Engineering. Our knowledge and expertise are shared and transferred to our clients during consultation.

“Years of experience in Lab on a Chip technology and Surface Engineering support our work.”

BioDTek is a StartUp founded in the Basque Country (Spain) that has awarded grants from SPRI (Business Development Agency from the Basque Government), the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, crowdfunding platforms (Fool’s dinner, Vitoria-Gasteiz) and Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council. Moreover, BioDTek is supported by BIC-Araba (Business and Innovation Center from Alava).

Innovation and technology assisting you

“Let us take care of the prototyping.”

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