“We make easy to communicate with your body to improve your quality of life”

BioDTek is focused on the development of portable and easy to use bio-devices, capable of analyzing biomolecules and bio-signals to anticipate and prevent health risk situations.

Analysis of physiological parameters

The analysis is done through the analysis of physiological fluids, heart rate, body temperature and cell oxygenation

Non-invasive method

The analysis is done through the contact of biosensors with the physiological fluids and the skin

Easy to use and understand

It analyzes complex data and translate it into easy to comprehend language

Portable system

It goes with you wherever you go

Proyecto innovador y tecnológico en el ámbito sanitario

BioDTek is a StartUp founded in the Basque Country (Spain) that has been awarded grants from SPRI (Business Development Agency from the Basque Government), the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, crowdfunding platforms (Fool’s dinner, Vitoria-Gasteiz) and Vitoria-Gasteiz City Council. Moreover, BioDTek is also supported by BIC-Araba (Business and Innovation Center from Alava)

Innovation and technology assisting you to improve your health

In BioDTek we work hard to make complex biological signals into valuable, simple and precise information

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