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Biosensor: LAGUNDU-ID

Running brings more people into the running world every year. However, most of these participants will start training for the first in their life while others will be the first time doing any type physical activity. Therefore, most of the participants are unaware of how to control and manage certain relevant physiological parameters that must be taken into account in such competitions.
Therefore, we are developing a biosensor capable of interacting in real time with the athletes, so they can monitor their physical performance to prevent undesirable physical situations. Moreover, this monitoring can also be conducted by run organizers, physicians, and family.

Our clients

Amateur athletes
The use of this biosensor will allow athletes to anticipate risk situations and prevent health problems related to intense workouts (e.g., levels of sodium, potassium, glucose, lactate, body temperature, heart rate and cell oxygenation).
Race organizers
Offering high-tech products to the runners will make safer tracks. Thus, making such events more attractive to athletes.
Medical service
Medical and physiological data can be shared to the medical service in seconds. Thus, offering fast medical assistance if it is needed.
Family and friends
Since most of the time competitors are by themselves, they might be able to share relevant information with their families during training or competitions.

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