Desarrollo de biosensores para prevenir situaciones de riesgo durante la practica deportiva, para que la única preocupación sea competir y/o disfrutar.

Para ello, estamos trabajando en el desarrollo de un dispositivo capaz de analizar en tiempo real, fluidos fisiológicos aunados al análisis de la temperatura corporal, oxigenación celular y ritmo cardiaco, permitiendo la anticipación a situaciones de riesgo.
The novelty of our devices is based on the body constant monitoring while athletes are performing intense physical activities, through the analysis of the sweat and some parameters such as the body temperature, cellular oxygenation, and heart rate.

Information to analyze


Sweat is a physiological fluid that is, usually, secreted through the skin by a normal body process provoked by physical stress to control the body temperature. Moreover, the sweat contains electrolytes and metabolites that are directly related to physiological alterations such as dehydration, fatigue and muscle cramps. Therefore, the analysis of such sweat compounds can provide relevant information about the body performance.

Heart rate

Heart rate in the number of the heart contraction per minute and it is usually increased during intense physical activities. Thus, increasing the oxygen transport to the muscles. However, exceed our heart rate limits can cause cardiorespiratory pulmonary problems, accumulation of lactic acid or fatigue. Therefore, it is recommendable, sometimes necessary, constant monitoring of the heart rate.

Body temperature

Usually, intense physical activities cause an increase in the temperature which provokes vasodilation and sweat production. However, during prolonged physical activities, such mechanism might not be enough. Thus, causing fatal consequences such as tachycardia, nausea, headache, respiratory problems or even death. Therefore, body temperature monitoring might result necessary to adequate the physical activities.

Cell oxygenation

The analysis of the cell oxygenation is necessary since a proper and efficient transport of oxygen to the muscles is required during the performance of intense physical activities. Therefore, constant monitoring in real time will let us act immediately in the case of poor muscle oxygenation to avoid muscle cramps and fatigue.

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