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Meet our team

BioDTek is formed by a highly motivated and prepared teamwork, which the primary goal is to blend different knowledge areas to develop fully innovated smart wearable devices able to translate biosignals into straightforward and useful data.

Fernando Benito, Ph.D.
Analytical Microsystems Operations

Fernando is a vocational researcher in the UPV/EHU in microfluidics, sensors and new materials, with a broad experience in the development of miniature devices for different applications, such as health, environment, and sport. Due to his extensive experience in the “Point-of-Care” area, he predicts a revolution in the health field with this type of technologies, and he wants to be part of it.

Edilberto Ojeda, Ph.D.
CEO and Pharmaceutical & Medical Operations

Edilberto is a young entrepreneur scientist specialized in nanomedicine development with an extended business training that along with his academic background is eager to become part of entrepreneurial and novel biotechnological projects. He believes that portable technology is a tool to increase the day-to-day performance and to improve the quality of life of the people.

Patxi Aloa, E.E.
Software & Hardware Operations

Patxi is a businessman with more than 30 years of experience in the development of electronic design and industrialization of products. He owns several patents of electronic devices, where some of them are already in the market. He is convinced that imagination and creativity enhance the human condition.

Lourdes Basabe, Ph.D.
Micro and Nano Engineer Operations

Lourdes is a researcher professor at the University of the Basque Country. She is the leader of a multidisciplinary team, which is dedicated to the development of new micro-technologies to analyze biological compounds. Her objective is to exploit our knowledge and capacities to develop novel devices that increase the quality of life of the people and at the same time they generate an economic profit for the citizens.

Aitor Iriondo, M.E.
Mechanical Design & Modeling Operations

Aitor is a young engineer specialized in system engineering. Although his first professional activities have been focused on the locomotion area, he believes that his knowledge of 3D modeling, drawing design and manufacturing could be applied to the biomedical sciences. Aitor is convinced that giving up is never an option when it refers to a project.

Unai Pagalday
Bioengineer Associate Operations

Unai is a biomedical engineer student who wants to apply all the theoretical knowledge that he is acquiring at the University to a real biomedical project

Purpose and Values


In BioDTek, we work hard to combine the rigorous scientific method and the technological advances to develop novel and portable devices. Such devices aim to simplify the communication with the body to improve or take care of the health.


BioDTek is formed by young and experienced enthusiastic researchers and engineers whose professional values are based on trust and compromise, where everything is carefully thought and well designed. We believe in research as the source of progress, thus, turning novel ideas and creativity into solutions for our clients. Since we love what we are doing, everything is done with passion and energy.

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